Master Mind ABACUS

Abacus is a simple tool used in ancient times for arithmetic calculations. It is used in various parts of the world as part of basic elementary education and is widely used for daily applications. During past few years, Abacus has gained immense popularity among students as well as teaching fraternity due to its ease of operations and inherent benefits of brain development.

Abacus develops the power of mental calculation with the training beginning at an age of 5-6 years. Initially the child learns to use the Abacus calculate and then the visualization skill is taught to the child to imagine an abacus and do the calculation without the help of anything like paper, pen, pencil or calculator.

Master Mind Abacus offers an exclusive course in line with the school calculating systems supported with quality course material and Speed building software. With a total of 11 levels (Level 0 to Level 10), students learn for two hours in week including specially created online games to enhance their mental calculating abilities.

With over 1000 franchisee centres worldwide,  Master Mind Abacus is the only company conducting online exams for students at National level.  Also the faculty training is offered through online means including video conferences to maintain uniform quality.

Proactive Career Education is the Area Master Franchisee for Maharashtra for selection and appointment of Abacus training centres.  All training and material support if provided to the franchisee and students through Proactive network.

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