Junior College IT Subject

Information Technology is the driving force for economic growth and IT skilled manpower can lead the country to next level in global market place in modern times. Realizing this fact, HSC Board in Maharashtra state has devised a syllabus for all major streams including Science, Commerce and Arts covering IT Skills as a subject for Std. XI and Std. XII.

Due to limited resources and hard pressed time schedules, it is not possible for most colleges to provide individual attention to this crucial subject which can provide fabulous career prospects to the learners. To compliment their efforts, Proactive has embarked on an ambitious plan of providing Practical oriented IT Training through Proactive Learning Centres.

A very flexible and easy to follow Practical learning schedule is designed to train the Junior college students without burdening them with any additional study or home work. Every student learns at PLC labs with personal attention and hands on practice at a nominal fee. Online Prelim examinations are conducted to boost the student knowledge and confidence to score fabulously in the final HSC exams.

This Practical oriented Qualitative Coaching on IT subject of Std. XI and XII results in improvement in final HSC score and also provides the young students an opportunity to be in touch with technology for their future plans and professional life.

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