Hardware & Networking

With ever increasing usage of computers in all over, the demand for hardware technicians is growing by the day. Hardware professionals are required everywhere including manufacturing, assembling, installation, maintenance, repairing and debugging and to manage computer setups at user sites. Networking equipment including modems, routers, switches and other high end devices play vital role in computer communications and form the part of complete hardware setup.

Trained hardware professionals manage functioning of these devices and also software required to achieve the optimum performance. This requires many software skills like OS installation, Network management, firewalls, antivirus software and others.

Hardware field shall obviously have more scope than software as Hardware knowledge can fetch jobs in both IT sector and electronics related jobs. Hardware repairing is more challenging and satisfying than managing software due to the inherent monotony in software coding jobs.

The learning requires knowledge of electronics, microprocessor architecture, I/O devices, Network and communication devices, storage media, designing of networks, OS, NOS, wired and wireless communication techniques and many other interesting subjects.

To meet the ever growing demand of hardware trained manpower, Proactive offers a wide range of Computer Hardware Maintenance and Networking courses under certifications from NIELIT and CBITVT. A learner can choose from short term modular courses to long term Diploma and Masters Diploma targeted at professional training for attractive career options.

These specialized hardware courses are available at Proactive Career Point Centres specially equipped to conduct the training under expert guidance and online support.

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