Teachers Training Courses

Development of civil Society and economic growth owes a lot to teachers. Knowledge leads to development and knowledgeable people form a progressive civil society. Teachers nurture young talent into educated workforce and help shape the social and economical growth path.

In modern times, information technology plays vital role for economic development and IT knowledge has become synonymous to literacy. To impart quality education, effective teachers are a must for reaching the knowledge to masses for generation of skilled manpower.

A noble profession, teaching is also highly satisfying both in terms of sense of achievement and in monetary terms. Teachers are the assets of our country and people behind the fast paced economic development. Developing experts to teach is continuous process and a challenge. Effective teaching skills and expert subject knowledge is required by any trainer to become effective and at proactive we focus on this very challenge to nurture great teachers.

Proactive in association with leading academicians and senior teachers have designed modular course to create committed and quality teachers with specific subject centric specializations. Thorough subject knowledge on technology ensures that they impart technology training with utmost confidence and poise to their students for making them successful professionals and better citizens.

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