Spoken English Courses

Language as a mean of communication is the effective tool to know one another, whether it is written or spoken. English holds an important role in modern life as this is the language of international communication that is used in many aspects of life by maximum people around the world.

Globalization has affected many aspects of the life in India. In the past few years many jobs have become global and theĀ  importance of English language has increased manifold. The importance of spoken English is even more, because there are many cases where one knows his subject well, but fails to communicate it properly leading to failures or lesser success. Most of the information available and exchanged over internet is in English making it all the more necessary to know the language.

Also In corporate world, the need for effective communication has been recognized and accepted more than the technical knowledge. The language of the corporate world is English. An individual can make strides in the management ladder if he/she can speak English fluently. Those who can speak good English can succeed in group discussions, interviews, oral presentations, report writing, writing letters etc.

Learning English as any other language is an integrated process covering four basic skills: Listening, speaking, reading and writing. Proactive offers excellent Short term course on English covering these four skills in meticulously designed curriculum to provide the students an edge.

Who doesn’t want to speak English fluently? What are some of the techniques by which we can improve our spoken form? All this and more is covered in the Spoken English module with the help of comprehensive courseware and audio CD complemented by Certification from CBITVT.

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