Business & Finance

Business Management is the process of deciding how best to use a business’s resources to produce goods or provide services and earn profits. It involves controlling, leading, monitoring, organizing, and planning various activities to meet customer expectations.

Finance is study of allocation of money and assets in the business to measure risks and profits, whereas accounting is systematic recording, reporting, and analysis of financial transactions in a business to practice control over revenue and expenses. An accountant follows a set of accounting rules to analyze the financial performance of the business and looks at statistics. Finance is the most crucial aspect of business requiring skills and expertise to ascertain the business growth.

With growing economy and globalization the need for skilled accountants and financial managers is ever increasing across businesses of all sizes. Formal education cannot reach masses and hence Proactive has embarked on a mission to offer education on crucial aspects of Business including Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing, Planning and other activities through informal modular training programmes.

Methodically designed Short term modules are a result of extensive inputs from subject experts, business managers and senior trainers.

Combination of these CBITVT certified short term courses leads to Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Business / Finance Management and are imparted through experienced faculties at Proactive Career Point centres.

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