Linux Courses

Linux is a very strong, robust and powerful operating system based on open source code. Major mail servers, web servers and large database applications are developed and run on Linux platform world over. It is a preferred operating system with ample tools, utilities and a very strong virus protection and security support by large corporations, Govt. bodies, universities, banks, almost everywhere.

With the growing acceptance and inclination for Linux all over, the situation in job market is also set to change gradually from proprietary OS like Windows to Linux. Presently there is a huge demand for Linux trained professionals in web development, database management, data warehousing, e-commerce applications and other crucial areas like defense, aerospace, aviation and many more areas. With ever increasing user base, Linux shall see increase demand in manpower with operational skills in business applications around us.

Linux Academy an initiative of Maximus Techno Labs offers different short term modular courses on Linux OS supported with placement guidance to meet the continuously increasing demand for Linux trained persons.

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