Typing & Data entry Courses

Whether it is to search for information on the internet, write an email to a loved one or any formal written communication like business letters, quotations or orders, Typing provides the neat and formatted text output with the best clarity and readability. Communication is restricted and learning is limited without some fundamental keyboarding skills.

The process of entering data into a computerized database or spreadsheet is referred to as Data Entry. Data entry can be performed by an individual typing at a keyboard from handwritten documents, information from another computer program, sequences of numbers, letters and symbols, or simple data like names and addresses. Some people perform jobs that are exclusively data entry, while others, like programmers, might have to occasionally enter data but in either case typing skills are a must.

People who work exclusively in the field of data entry are likely to be quick typists, able to read off longhand or typewritten documents, and must be accurate.

In today’s society, typing is the key to getting a great job. Most jobs require some degree of computer work, and knowing how to type quickly and efficiently will make you more marketable and hence Proactive offers exclusive Typing courses on Computers with Online speed testing and typing examinations conducted by CBITVT.

Specialized Data Entry Operations courses combining computing skills and typing provide excellent job opportunities to the learners.

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